An up and coming rock band from Athens GA, GrandVille – Focused on producing original material as well as performing covers from the 70s through today.

Much has been made of the musical bloodline that runs through the Albany-formed, Athens-based band GrandVille. Twins Jackson and James Tennyson, whose father, Glenn, is one of the founders of regional heroes the Kinchafoonee Cowboys, are apples that didn’t fall far from the proverbial tree. But GrandVille, which after a couple of lineup changes now includes fellow Deerfield-Windsor School classmates of the Tennyson boys — keyboardist Sam Yarborough and bassist Ashton Mann — have evolved beyond that garage-bandish stage of “Oh, that’s cute, the kids are taking after their old man.” Now two years into continuing a career that started in Albany in the Athens musical hotbed surrounding the University of Georgia, GrandVille have carved their own niche and are working to equal, or even surpass, the legacy created by their talented father and his bandmates.

“We’re into our second year of college, but our goal has remained the same: to get to Nashville and get a record deal,” Jackson Tennyson, the band’s guitarist, vocalist and, with drummer/brother James, primary songwriter, said. “We’re focusing on the things we can control right now, but we plan to be in music for the rest of our lives, no matter what else we do. We’re all on board.”

And what kind of impact has the rich musical heritage of Athens had on the members of GrandVille?  “Well, they’re having a lot of success in a town that’s like a mini-Nashville,” Kinney said. “They have their own studio where they rehearse, write music or just go to get away. They’re there every day. “And word about the band is getting around. They have a ‘74 Pontiac convertible, and when they drive it on the streets around the town, people chase after them yelling, ‘GrandVille.’ They’re definitely getting known up here.”

—Albany Herald – Carlton Fletcher

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