Thumbnail Wonderlandrangers By Jolynngillikan2.1

Wonderland Rangers is the project of five veteran musician friends from Athens, GA.  Formed in 2015, and given “the first band name that came to mind,” Wonderland Rangers musically jumps from song to song like hopping planets- each with its own varied ecosystem and wild geology.  The sonic paint palette is full of bright color, and the songs’ textures range from sparse and edgy to saturated, lush, and full.

Song to song, listeners will hear influences like Beck, Sonic Youth, Tom Tom Club, Nirvana, Missing Persons, Parliament-Funkadelic, The Clash, My Bloody Valentine, ABBA, The Rolling Stones, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, The Pixies and more.

Wonderland Rangers released full-length LP, Baby’s Bread, in 2018, and follow-up, Trouble & Treasure, from 2020-2022.  

The band features:
Timi Conley, vocals, guitar 
Shelley Lotus, vocals
Andrew Hanmer, drums
Greg Surratt, bass guitar
Chris Byron, synth, moog

Timi Conley is also founder of Athens, GA’s famous Halloween event, The Wild Rumpus Parade & Spectacle.  His other musical projects include Fuzzy Sprouts, Aqualove, and Kite to the Moon.