Ty Manning And The Slawdog Biscuits

Ty Manning and the Slawdog Biscuits has been making music in and around Athens, Georgia since the summer of 1994. His old band The Bearfoot Hookers had a pretty good run; 1,000’s of shows, 3 full length/original albums, had songs on 3 Athfest CDs, won 2 Flagpole Music Awards, & have even been on CNN pickin’ & a grinnin’ at a Crop Mob! (Look it up. It’s a country-hippie thang!) He had a band with his wife Kelly Hoyle (Norma Rae) called Beauty & the Beard for a little while, but neither lasted. Over the next year or so, Ty wrote an album worth of songs and did mainly solo gigs. Eventually these solo gigs turned into full band gigs. This full band did several shows under the title Ty Manning and Friends. Since it felt like a band, they needed a name. Ty asked his Facebook friends to name his band. He got over 1,000 band name ideas. He settled on TY MANNING & THE SLAWDOG BISCUITS. The winning idea came from good friend, Kelly Pike! Thanks, Camo Jesus! The line up consists of: Scott Nicholson (keys, guitar, accordion, guitar and vocals), Derek Warren (bass), Connor Griffin (drums) and Adam Poulin (fiddle and vocals). They are a rock-n-roll band with deep connections to 70’s and 80’s country. All that being said, they can still pack a punch. They sound kind of like if Ace Frehley from KISS sat in with The Black Crowes and did a Ronnie Milsap tune. OOH YEAH!” Ty has been called an idiot, a drunk, a dreamer, a life coach, the Capt’n of the party, a REVEREND, & hell… even a ninja, but no matter what anybody says, he can usually cause a pretty damn good time. Definitely worth checking out. 

 Ty has been through so much in the last decade: sobriety, marriage, 3 open heart surgery, divorce, grad school! All of these things inspired the tunes that ended up on Ty Manning and the Slawdog Biscuits’ debut album, Empty House! Check it out! Ty & the band are 4 songs into the 2nd record, so keep in touch with them on their facebook page! SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!!!

Another message from Ty:

My parents raised me on solid gold country radio from the 70s. I remember riding backwards in a delta 88 station wagon with my head on the speaker as we traveled around from army town to army town. My mom bought me my first guitar when I was 14. I cut my teeth learning how to play all the hair metal guitar riffs of the late 80s. Now, I think my music is a dysfunctional mix of 70s country and 80’s hard rock. I LOVE to play the blues! I LOVE the guitar playing of ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, KISS’ Ace Frehley, AC/DC’s Angus Young and Stevie Ray Vaughn. I also LOVE the songwriting and delivery of Todd Snider, Robert Earl Keen and a little Ryan Adams. I try my best to play homage to all of the above. My music is a singer/songwriter mix of Willie, Waylon & the Boys and HAIRNATION, but no matter what I play or sing, I sound like I was born in Waycross, Ga! Come see me!