Conner Tribble

Reverend Tribble and the Deacons play their own brand of fun rocking Rock’n’Roll. Their music makes you want to laugh, dance, sing, and you will! You have never heard anything else like it. Four fellows who have only one objective in mind…to make sure YOU have a blast blast blast!

Band members, including bands they have or are currently performing with are…
Donny Whitehead on saxophone (Al Hartley and the Heartbeats, The Jester’s Band, the Dirk Howell Band, Ed Saye and the Genteels and Mid Life Crisis).
Deane Quinter on drums (The Rick Fowler Band, The Randall Bramblett Band, Strawberry Flats, Deja Vu, and many more).
Greg Veale on bass (The Future Perfect, Ravenstone, Terry “Maddog” Melton’s Dixie Grease, The Normal Town Flyers, Simple Life Band, The Rick Fowler Band, The Grains of Sand, The Wild Jordan Tonk-Cats, and The Squalls).
Reverend Tribble on guitar (The Zambo Flirts, The Boto Teen, Rub, and The Cafe Wha? house band).