Quiet Hounds

Eric Toledo, Michael Dorio, and Brad Hagen met while attending University in Athens, GA. This brotherly band of musicians would find their way through a variety of formats, indie labels, scattered touring, and publishing agreements, throughout the early 2000s before meeting producer and multi-instrumentalist, Deke Spears in 2010. 

In 2011, the quartet produced its fiery southern pop folk flavored debut Southern Charm. Picked up by a buzzing blogosphere, the act filled a warehouse to capacity before its first live 1800s inspired immersive performance. 2012’s fast follow and highly anticipated release Megaphona would further solidify the band’s staying power with dance worthy “Too Young Too Wise”, brass section adorned “Worn Crush Corduroy”, and the band’s feel good sing along, “I Get Up”. 

Over the course of the next five records, Quiet Hounds remained a fairly mutable entity, adaptable enough to keep listeners off guard and on their toes while remaining firmly rooted in the clay soil of Southern indie rock, folk, and Americana.

With 2019’s Everything Else is Noise, however, Quiet Hounds found themselves seeking out lush new terrain to sow. The seven-song effort is the group’s most pop-centric effort to date, a sprawling, radiant work that explores an array of varying sonic landscapes. From the swirling mist of alluring synths (“River Delta”) flowing into sparkling indie pop (“Ladders”) and soothing AM gold (“Daring Greatly”), Everything Else is Noise is populated by sounds and structures that are consistently surprising and spellbinding. It’s a grand achievement—a sweeping, forward-looking triumph for a group of musicians that aren’t entirely satisfied unless they are evolving and treading new ground.