Naw Photo

Here are some things to know about the band NAW. The band is based in Atlanta, GA. There are four members in the band consisting of your classic rock and roll four piece with a drummer, a guitarist, a bass owner, and a vocalist. The music that these four musicians produce is wholly unrestrained by adherence to any one genre, aside from an obsession with overdriven tone and locked-in groove.

The band was formed in 2019. Vocalist Amanda Sherman and bassist Dave Sherman’s former band had broken up. Dave was in a cover band with drummer Kevin Singleton, in which they would take breaks at practice to jam on sludgy riffs. A mutual acquaintance, guitarist Jared Singleton, needed a bassist to record on demos he was writing. Dave agreed to record the songs, so long as Jared would join the band they were forming. Thus was formed NAW.

How NAW came together informs its sound. Four individuals with separate, but overlapping, musical influences all leaning towards the heavy. Wide ranging in sound, but still organic. NAW has been called a noise rock band, a grunge band, post-hardcore and sludge. It is all of those things. That is, if you want to dissect the animal that is NAW to study the organs that make it. It’s probably better to appreciate that animal NAW as a whole: Aggressive, weird, and unrestrained.