Motorhead 2x Photo

Davonta, known as MOTORHEAD2X, is an Athens, Georgia native who has built a brand MH2X “Mothenic” over the last 8 years and it’s grew as well as his artistry. Even at a young age of 30 years he has been elevating over the past year now with DawgPound studios along with his best friend and business partner Griffin Wilson (better known as Griff). Together they have built a sound for the culture and plan to bring their unique sound to the people. Motorhead2x’s stage presence is everything if you don’t know him! You would instantly fall for his sound and energy which he carries with him through his music. He has new merchandise dropping soon with his Latest album Mothenic that dropped in
anuary of this year. Get prepared and locked in for that merchandise.. MOTHENIC CLOTHING AYE APPRECIATE YOUR EXCELLENCE HBN Hustlers By nature With CEO Steady Grip X HitmanSammySam.. With the way things are going, there is a lot of ahead for this young HipHop MC out of Athens, GA!

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