Molly Tu Hott

Arlisha Trotter is known professionally as Molly Ones, an American Rapper and Author. Writing is one of her lifelong passions. The nickname Molly has been with her since her childhood. Family members called her Molly Maid as she loved to clean. She was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Looking for a change, she relocated to Athens, GA, in 2016. She hit the ground running, starting up her own Label Family Fortune Entertainment. All Trotter’s publications were published and distributed by her and her Label. Hitting all major digital platforms worldwide in (2016). She published her first book titled (2016)” A Hood Love Affair” and signed her first Artist, Cheezy Scott. She went on to publish her very first Audiobook narrated by her, along with a Single for a soundtrack. She released her first EP, “Caution,” in (2017). She’s performed at the Chit Chat and the Bottleship Lounge in Atlanta. After a much-needed break. She’s back at it, critiquing her craft. She has been performing locally at the “Southern Culture Fish and Grits.” She made a scene at the “Athens Hip Hop Awards” (2022) giving a tribute to Foxy Brown by performing “Get Home Tonight,” Molly is back performing and looking to spread her wings in the State of Georgia.