Modern Skirts1

Modern Skirts was formed in 2004 and quickly began recording and touring around the southeast, quickly drawing rapt attention from audiences with their poppy melodies, sunny harmonies, and intricate instrumentation.

They released the EP “This is Winning Thinking” in 2004, and soon after began working with Altanta producer Geoff Melkonian on their debut full length, “Catalogue of Generous Men,” (2005). “Catalogue” became an instant classic in the local Athens music scene and exploded the band’s fanbase.

After a heavy touring schedule around the eastern US for a few years, the band opened for REM on a short run in Europe in 2007. In October of that year, the band released their sophomore record, “All of Us In Our Night”, which was partially produced by David Lowery of Cracker, also including a track produced by Mike Mills of REM.

 The band maintained a heavy touring schedule and released the “Happy 81” EP in 2010, a collection of cassette recordings, and then recorded and released the self-produced and exploratory “Gramahawk” in 2011, which incorporated those lo-fi recordings with high-quality studio production.

The band released a self-produced single, “Tennessee,” in 2012, and in  the spring of 2013 played their final shows before disbanding later that summer.

The band reunited in 2021 for at set the September Days Festival, and is looking forward to getting together again this year for AthFest 2022. (Bumper Car video) (Pasadena video)