Mack2tone Photo 3

Mack2Tone is a rising star in the music industry, and she’s proving that she’s here to stay. The American rapper from Athens, Georgia, has recently signed with Quality Too Good Management, and she’s already off to a booming start! In just a short amount of time, Mack2Tone has gained over 150k overall streams on all platforms, and it’s clear that her talent is only going to continue to grow. 

Her debut album “Fool Me 2wice” is a must-listen for anyone who loves hip-hop and rap music. Mack2Tone’s unique style and impressive flow are sure to make an impact on the music industry. In a world where the music industry is constantly changing, she is a force to be reckoned with. Her passion, talent, and determination make her a true inspiration to aspiring musicians everywhere. Keep an eye out for Mack2Tone, as she’s sure to make a big impact in the coming years.