Kxng Blanco Athfest

From “King of the Youth” to “LvrBoy,” Kxng Blanco leads the wave of contemporary hip hop and R&B with energetic delivery and catchy hooks.

Growing up ingrained in the fabric of Athens hip-hop culture, quiet kid Jeffery Blakely crashed onto the music scene in 2017 as boisterous rapper Kxng Blanco. The last five years have brought a steady evolution of his public image and sound as he’s matured as a person and artist⁠—from “King of the Youth” to LvrBoy icon and now “DaBigWaveMan”. Kxng Blanco is back on the Athfest MainStage following his new studio project release “DaBigWaveMan”, and he’s coming to make a statement with a historic performance you don’t want to miss!