Kenosha Kid Photo 2023

Nearing twenty years in existence, Kenosha Kid, or K.Kid as it is
occasionally stylized, is a musical group led by guitarist Dan
Nettles. An Athens, Georgia native, Nettles leads a worldwide host of
collaborators in a simple purpose: build a scene, write for people you
know, and listen to your creative heart. Certainly the
all-instrumental music has deep roots in jazz composition, but it is
also fueled by an omnivorous musical appetite and as likely to
reference Monk as Willie Nelson, Hendrix as Duke Ellington.

Starting with the release of Projector [2005], K. Kid has provided a
steady string of remarkable content: a DVD/CD package featuring an
all-new score for Buster Keaton’s silent film Steamboat Bill, Jr
[2008], the vinyl release of Fahrenheit [2009], the creation of an
extensive Bandcamp archive which houses over 40 live shows, the
powerhouse twin sonic pillars Inside Voices [2015] and Outside Choices
[2017], and Missing Pieces [2019] which features a striking two-guitar
incarnation augmented by three-piece string section.

In an avalanche of creativity, October Book Parts One, Two and Three
[2022] are the latest K. Kid offerings. Written across one month, the
collection is an epic 3-LP set featuring 31 songs, over 20 musicians
and a dreamlike abundance of musical sorcery.