Jameson Tank Photo

Hailing from the legendary music mecca of Athens, GA, Jameson Tank is on a mission to continue the legacy of break-out bands from the rock driven college town . Only 2 years into their quest, the quartet has completed 3 tours and 120+ shows, bolstered by the overwhelming support of their Built Different EP. Bringing an incredible amount of energy to the stage, Jameson Tank performs original songs such as Smoke Me Out, No Bad Days, and Fight Fair, which have quickly become crowd favorites across the Southeast. After Selling Out world-renowned venues such as the Georgia Theatre and Smiths Olde Bar – The band has shifted its focus to expanding their territories whilst completing a new EP that just might answer the much-asked question of… ‘WHO THE F*** IS JAMESON TANK”?

Jameson Tank consists of Bryce Burnette (Lead Guitar), Javier Solorzano (Bass/Vocals), Conner Ankerich (Drums), and Jameson Tankersley (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar)