ISHUES is a rapper/ Hip-Hop artist/ MC, who was born in Washington, DC, moved to New Jersey at an early age, but then settled in Athens, GA as a young adult. Having influence from both the North and the South, ISHUES developed a style that is somewhere in between, which allows him to be able to be relatable to almost all Hip-Hop listeners. He burst onto the Athens Hip-Hop scene in 2003 with his appearance on the Athens Collective Herb N Skills’ compilation album and then signed to local Hip-Hop label, Attica Sound to release his debut album in 2004 called Reality Flow. ISHUES has since released another album in 2007 along with 2 mixtapes before taking a 10 year hiatus away from the game in 2009 after touring in Africa and performing in Germany only to return in 2019 to release his mixtape, The Bitter Pill and his return album, ISHUES the Anti-Rapper, in 2020. Since then, ISHUES has released an EP with fellow Athens lyricist, Amun Ra entitled The P.E.A.C.E. EP that is now streaming on all major platforms along with ISHUES the Anti-Rapper. ISHUES has also recently shared the stage with SA-Roc and Cambatta and is recording an album produced by famed producer, Sol Messiahh.

ISHUES is also an activist who developed a youth program called Check Hook, which is a Chess and Boxing program to teach kids conflict resolution, alongside Chess and Community, a prominent local nonprofit organization. ISHUES is also an entrepreneur, owning several local businesses, and a professional boxing coach, coaching professional and amateur fighters and works with over 100 kids a week.