Hunter Morris Blueblood

Through his long-running project Blue Blood, songwriter Hunter Morris has proven himself a master of economy. Whatever emotion, however deeply explored, Morris never wastes listening time or musical space. It’s as if he has always been searching for a perfect fit. On the new Blue Blood LP, Give In To Livin’, he’s found himself in the balance between resignation and resolve, the twin handrails of emotional stability.

That said, there’s a buoyancy to Give In To Livin’ that carries Morris’ songs atop his often troubled waters. Indeed, musically speaking, these are the most clearly hopeful tunes he’s written. He’s joined on these songs by Hank Sullivant, Phillip Brantley, Avery Leigh ,Nicholas Robbins, and Jeremy Wheatley and the record features the crack production team of Sullivant, Drew Vandenberg, and Joel Hatstat. 

Morris says of the album, “Give In To Livin’ is about getting older and looking back on life and how I got here…Kind of an overall existential what the fuck? But I hope the album conveys equal weight towards looking forward while learning from the past to make the rest of my life the best that it can possibly be…Live life and live it hard and have an absolute blast in the process.”