Gabriella Delliponto Photo

Gabriella Delliponti is bringing pop back to Athens, Georgia. Sometimes referred to as “off-brand Dua Lipa in a trucker hat,” Delliponti is doing her best to bring a fresh and dynamic sound to an indie town saturated by jam bands. Inspired by icons like Chelsea Cutler, Chappell Roan, and Sabrina Carpenter, Delliponti’s sound is full of catchy hooks, funky bass lines, and heart-felt lyricism that is sure to convince you dumping your ex was the right decision. Backed by an all-star band made up of Jameson Tank on the drums, Terry Cheek on guitar, and Cole Johnson on bass, Delliponti’s sets are a mix of covers, catchy originals, and, if you’re lucky, the occasional acoustic solo. Originally from New York, Delliponti has played around Athens for the past 4 years, and headlined/played at iconic venues such as the Georgia Theatre rooftop and 40 Watt with her various projects. Be sure to check out her most recent single, “Grey Pullover,” which is available on all platforms now!