Feather Trade

3 piece noise rock. Moody wall of sound. Back from the UK for their first home town show in years.  Feather Trade cross boundaries with an integrity and raw, passionate honesty that’s quietly vanishing across the musical landscape. Their songs are rallying calls to the disenfranchised, the politically and sexually marginalised, and to anyone watching in dismay as the commodification of society, and the arts in particular, gathers pace.

Created or destroyed by crucial influence, each person’s world is a lifetime searching for meaning and reconstruction. They push through the strata, Anger, Grief, Fear, Shame, Loss  – fueling the desire for absolution and certainty. Some find it in religion. Some find it in drugs. Some find it in sex. Feather Trade brought the flames to one another. We scream in the darkness, the echoes giving black shape in sound. A fight with cancer. Watching a loved one’s descent into schizophrenia. Losing everything to fire. The unceasing appetence to seal the fissures of three broken worlds.