Dj Kountry Boy Photo

Dj Kountry Boy was born in Athens, Ga, raised in Athens, and Oglethorpe county. Growing up he always has a musical background of his own. From playing in the band 6th through 12th grade, he also has touch on different instruments, such as the piano and many percussion instruments.

As he got older, he found himself collecting music. In the process of collecting music, as you can imagine, many people wanted copies of CDs including various artist. After collecting so much music, he decides to buy Dj equipment. The story begins.

To start off his Dj career, Dj Kountry Boy was given many opportunities to Dj at different open mics. Usually at opens mics there’s a small intermission, that’s where he finally got to give the people a taste of his talent.

After a few open mics, he was discovered to Dj at a few clubs and venues in Athens. Dj Kountry Boy rocked out many venues in Athens such as omega bar, 40 watt, Caledonia lounge, world famous, live wire (formerly known as new earth), Georgia theater. Even more exciting he’s had a chance to Dj the district commissioners election party, open up for mainstream artists such as Travis porter, juicy j, kilo Ali, and many more.

After branding himself in Athens as well as he did, he then began to drive back and forth to weekly gigs in Atlanta, Ga. From strip clubs, to lounges, restaurants, fashion shows, sports bars, and basement parties in Atlanta. Dj Kountry Boy has had a taste for multiple genres of music and is looking to get involved in more.