CannonandtheBoxes is the musical project of 22 year old university student Cannon Rogers. Starting with a Tascam 414 tape deck in 2016, Rogers and a rotating cast of friends have worked to create a fuzzy folk-punk sound as friendly to harmonicas and horn parts as it is driving drums and dive bar mosh pits. The latter sound was showcased on the band’s 2020 release “I Only See the Stars” on the local We Bought A Zoo Records, and 2021 saw the release of a curated collection of tape demos, live recordings, folk covers and full band tunes in “The Wonder Years (B-Sides)” – tracked in part at the newly minted Racquet Recordings. Rogers and fellow Athenians Jordi Lara and Gideon Johnston are currently working toward the release of the band’s first full length as well as preparing for a fall 2022 east coast tour, and they couldn’t be more thrilled to share their songs with friends at home and on stages across the country. 

Photo by Kyler Vollmar (@pixbyky)