Bloodkin Photo

Bloodkin, born from the enduring songwriting partnership of Eric Carter and Danny Hutchens, emerged from the vibrant music scene of Athens, Georgia. Their mission: to craft and share exceptional music, infused with the joy and revelry that life offers. Since the release of their debut album “Good Luck Charm” in 1994, Bloodkin embarked on an unwavering journey of recording and live performances, attracting an array of talented musicians along the way. Rooted in camaraderie and collaboration, the band has always welcomed a revolving cast of “Friends” to join them on their musical odyssey.

In the wake of Danny Hutchens’ passing, Bloodkin has embraced the spirit of their “Friends” approach more than ever. Leading the charge is Eric Carter, whose soulful vocals and masterful guitar work have anchored the band from the beginning. He’s joined by an extraordinary ensemble of artists who breathe life into Bloodkin’s music. Tori Pater lends his dynamic guitar skills and harmonious vocals, infusing every performance with energy and passion. Betsy Franck, a vocal powerhouse and musical virtuoso, adds layers of depth and texture that mesmerize audiences. John Neff brings his expertise in pedal steel and electric guitar, imparting a touch of Americana charm to the band’s sound. Aaron Phillips, with roots akin to Carter and Hutchens, sets the band’s heartbeat with his drumming prowess. And for a special treat at AthFest this year, local legend of Athens, GA, David Barbe sits in on bass, holding down the rhythm with precision and finesse.

Together, this remarkable lineup continues to honor the legacy of Danny while forging Bloodkin ahead to new musical horizons, inviting fans to join them on an unforgettable journey.

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