Avery Deakins Band Photo

Avery Deakins and his band have spent the past several years traveling the Southeast from his home base in Athens, Georgia, infusing his Tennessee roots with a dose of red clay soul. His first album is a testament to the range of his influences; a modern rock shout-out to classic country greats. But it is his live performances, which integrate catchy originals with hit music from every genre and decade, that land Deakins squarely on every music lover’s must-see list.

Website: https://www.averydeakins.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/averydeakinsband
YouTube: https://tr.ee/2Q0MalEuAR
Spotify: https://tr.ee/1Ta30B4Vub
Apple Music: https://tr.ee/4hsoXMQJDl