Telemarket Press 2

At Telemarket, we believe in making things that don’t make perfect sense, making noise for the purpose of making noise, and delivering a product that is just as likely to make you tap your toe as it is to interrupt dinner time. Led by Adam Wayton and featuring a slew of talented soundmakers (Jack Colclough, Hunter Pinkston, Will Wise, and Josie Callahan) from right here in Athens, Georgia, Telemarket is local service you can trust. A different brand of indie rock with influences ranging from all spectrums, Telemarket is sometimes loud, sometimes soft, and everything in between. Is Telemarket for you? Listen to the 2019 EP You deserve a hard day’s work after a long night’s rest and keep an eye out for the groups first full length Ad Nauseam, due out 2022 on Science Project Records, to find out. Tired of the mundane silence in your head? Don’t hesitate, act now.