Little Gold Photo

Little Gold began as a country-tinged recording project in the Brooklyn bedroom of songwriter Christian DeRoeck. Incorporating some of the same lo-fi textures and aesthetic of his work in the band Woods, DeRoeck’s first album as Little Gold, On the Knife, was released in 2009. The project quickly grew to become a proper 3-piece rock band, and tours of the US and Europe followed. This NYC iteration of the band would go on to release one more album, 2011’s Weird Freedom, before DeRoeck bid adieu to the city, packed his gear and cat in the van and relocated to Athens. Little Gold came with him.

The first Athens version of the band issued Spectral Sight, a sprawling psychedelic mess about witches, in 2014. They played some shows, toured, and broke up. DeRoeck concentrated on his other bands, Deep State and Blunt Bangs, all the while continuing to hone his pointedly poetic little pop songs. Little Gold returned in 2020 with renewed enthusiasm and focus on their 4th studio album Wake Up & Die Right. The touchstones are fairly obvious; David Berman, Norman Blake and J Mascis, to name the most immediate. But somehow, by leaning into these influences, WU&DR finds Little Gold at their most authentic.
It is 2024, and Little Gold keeps on keeping on. The band, now made up of DeRoeck, Brandon Page, Michael Gonzalez and Tyler Key, are set to drop the single “Strange Vacation” (ft. T Hardy Morris) this summer, and are hard at work on their 5th studio album, Born To Loose, due out in 2025.